Body Awareness

The following exercise can be performed anywhere, anytime and will be more readily accessible to you as you practice.

Try to find a quite place and dress comfortably.


- Lay down.

1. Do NOTHING. Just lay for one minute. Whatever you feel you feel. Whatever you think you think.

2. Begin to “listen” to your body.

            - Is your attention pulled to a specific place; a wrist, your stomach, a knee?

            - Begin to visualize this body part from the outside in.

            - How do your clothes lay on this part?

            - How does the skin wrinkle or stretch over this part?

            - The muscle, veins, tendons, etc. all the way to the bone.- Simply have the thought “let go”. DO NOT try to do anything. The thought is enough.

            - After this thought, let your attention again wonder through your body and repeat as long as different parts keeping coming to you.

            - If your attention is not pulled to any body part, choose one that has recently been in your mind – an ache, a pain or simply a part you want to try.


3. Slowly begin to raise your right leg about a foot off of the ground and hold it there. As you exhale lower your foot half way between where it is and the ground. Repeat this movement with each exhale until your leg has come to a complete rest.

- Visualize your leg as you practice this movement. See it slowly coming closer and closer to the ground.

- Scan you body through out the movement to make sure you are NOT holding your breath and that everything is relaxed; face, arms, hands, etc.

- Repeat this five times, each time trying to move with greater ease and less effort.

- After you have done this five times, scan you leg and compare it to the other leg. How does it feel similar to or different from the other leg?

- Does one feel longer or short, heavier or lighter, looser or tighter, warmer or cooler or do they feel exactly the same?

- Focus on how each is making contact with the ground. Are you more aware of the ground below one verses the other?

- You will now repeat the same exercise with the other leg. After you have completed the exercise and scanned and compare both legs relax for a moment and