Fearlessness Class

Fearlessness Class


For this 8-week intensive we will explore techniques that allow you to operate from a place of fearlessness. We will present exercises that draw you into being present so there is no regret of the past or anxiety of the future.  We will cultivate a confidence of being Private in Public. You will come to understand part of the fear of exposure is also a resistance to intimate being USED instead of expressed or shared. This perspective shift is vital for any actor wanting to dare him or herself from an authentic place.

We will integrate “Fear as an Ally” and offer techniques to direct, re-focus and lead with the sharpness fear gives you. We will explore Heightened-Sensory work through a variety of body and somatic exercises. There will also be Animal work, State of Play, achieving Flow State and techniques to allay the inner critic.

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Please bring a mat and journal. 

The session is 8 weeks on Monday nights at 8 pm – 10:30 pm.

February 29th – April 18th  

$400.  To be paid in full at time of registration.