Interpretation and Invention 

Interpretation and Invention Session VII 

Film & Play Scene Intensive

with John Markland

"Your voice is the shape of your emotions, the fiber of your history and the tenor of your unconscious."

January22nd – March26th 

The 7th Session of Interpretation and Invention will focus on voice and how to connect and deepen your sense of “voice”. Your voice is more than a sound that vibrates from your body. Your voice is the shape of your emotions, the fiber of your history and the tenor of your unconscious. The sound we make is but one expression of our voice. An actors voice may be expressed in their movement, their choices, their presence or what can be called their context. We experience this when we say “you could feel the room shift when they entered.”

We have been inhabiting characters since childhood by “putting on clothes”, “putting on voices” playing doctor etc. The craft of acting allows us to not so much “put on” as to “put out” our voice through the life of the character. So the more aware we are of our voice the greater the depth we can express through that character.

Your scene will go up twice in the first 5 weeks and then a second scene from a different piece for the second 5 weeks. I’ll be approaching these scenes the same way I do when coaching, so there will be personalization, journaling and in-depth inspection directed at creating a WHOLE life – what is hidden is as important as what is expressed. 

Registration Deadline January 1st, 2018 

10 weeks on Monday nights at 8 pm – 11 pm. *Please bring a mat and journal. ***Underground Theater 1320 N. Wilton Pl. , Los Angeles, CA 90028 *** $600. To be paid in full at time of registration. 


*Space is limited for this class so please register as soon as you know you can commit to the dates. For registration or further information please email