New Works

 10-Week Scene Intensive 

When we release our fears of performing we begin to embody the work with our entire being.

I’m done seeing the same scenes and same plays year after year. So for this 10-week intensive we will dig into and break wide open new works, some award winning, some international and some obscure. I feel, by continually plowing the same field of stories and characters, we are not exploring, reaching and daring to go into the unknown and expand our range.


As actors, we have a responsibility to our craft and in such, an obligation to our self-growth, awareness and evolution. Searching for the new and pushing into the unexplored expands our connectedness and thus enriches our ability to empathize and express. How relatable we are beats at the core of our relationship with an audience. The more shoes we walk in, skins we inhabit, relationships we live through the more relatable our presence becomes.


This will be a tight ship. Twelve plays with your scene going up twice in the first 5 weeks and then a second scene from a different play for the next five weeks. The sooner you register the sooner I can assign your play. I’ll be approaching these scenes the same way I do when coaching, so there will be personalization, journaling and in-depth inspection directed at creating a WHOLE life – what is hidden as important as what is expressed.