4-Day Character Intensive 

When we allow submergence of self we begin to embody the character with our entire being.

Submergence is the process of immersing oneself into the “living of” a character. Note I did not say “the life” of a character. So for this 4-day intensive we will dig into personalization through journaling, emotional painting (improvising scene through body and behavior) and by exploring new approaches to instinct permission.


Workshop Schedule

Dates: August 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th.

Times:  10am – 6pm

Location:              The Playroom Theater        

                   151 W 46th St.

                                 New York, NY 10036

Material: To Be Assigned and emailed three weeks prior to start of workshop. Working actors will be assigned a scene partner and a group letter (A or B). Group A will put up their scene on days 1 and 3. Group B will put up their scene on days 2 and 4.  Auditing actors will be asked to partake in the personalization work but will not be putting up scenes. (32 Working Actors. 10 Auditing.)

Rehearsal: You are expected to be fully off-book and ready to perform with appropriate wardrobe, accents, props prior to the start of workshop and to re-work the scene from teacher notes in off days.

Day 1 (10am – 6pm)

-Introduction to submergence, personalization and emotional painting.

I will discuss how these methods allow one’s own life and history to play an integral part in the process of building character and in the larger sense of understanding yourself as an actor.

-Brief bodywork exercise/breathing exercise.

We will explore the body through somatic exercises focusing on breath, vocalization, movement, contact and stillness. We do this to awaken and develop the soma, or the thinking body. It is difficult to develop higher states of consciousness without bodily feedback. Consciousness is transformed by allowing “proprioception” - your body's self-perception - more attention. Your body is your acting instrument.

When you are aware of your breath you are aware of your awareness or what is more commonly described as “being present.” We will perform some very simple breathing awareness exercises to increase our sense of being present and connected. This practice, repeated daily, can bring you into closer connection with your thoughts and feelings.


Using simple visualization techniques, we will explore how to activate our imaginations. Creating the given circumstances or being relaxed on stage/set is achieved by accepting the truthfulness of what you imagine. So we will perform object, action, place, time and relationship visualizations that we can explore through sensory work. This enables us to bridge the space between “make believe” and “reality”.  If expression of imagination is the life of acting then imagination is the heart. If we believe they believe.


As much as you are comfortable with, we’ll discuss the prior days journaling and find ways to integrate what was discovered (written) into the character and scene. I’ll explain dream work and how performed it may generate similar results to the imagination exercises.

-Group A Scenes.

We will run the scenes, take notes and make adjustments in some instances we may run the scene again. After each scene, I will offer Journaling questions aimed at incorporating experiences and relationships from your life to provoke emotional context.

- 2pm Lunch. (1 hour.)

- Group A Scenes Continue

 - Wrap up 6pm.

Day 2

-Body/Breath work.

We will follow a similar line of work as Day 1 but in a slightly abbreviated way. Touching up a slightly different meditation.


Journaling will be used through the workshop but specifically Day 2 is for Group B.

- Group B Scenes.

We will run the scenes, take notes and make adjustments in some instances we may run the scene again. After each scene, I will offer Journaling questions aimed at incorporating experiences and relationships from your life to provoke emotional context.

2 pm Lunch. (1 hour.)

- Group B Scenes continue.

- Wrap up 6pm.

 Day 3                                                                                 Day 4

-Body/Breath work.                                                         -Body/Breath work.

-Journaling                                                                         -Journaling

- Group A Scenes.                                                              - Group B Scenes.

2pm Lunch. (1 hour)                                                         2pm Lunch. (1 hour) 

- Group A Scenes continue.                                           - Group B Scenes continue.

- Wrap up 6pm.                                                                  - Wrap up 6pm.


As actors, we have a responsibility to our craft and in such, an obligation to our self-growth, awareness and evolution. Searching for the new and pushing into the unexplored expands our connectedness and thus enriches our ability to empathize and express. How relatable we are beats at the core of our relationship with an audience. The more shoes we walk in, skins we inhabit, relationships we live through the more relatable our presence becomes.

This will be a tight ship! Sixteen plays with your scene going up twice, with a day in between for re-working. The sooner you register the sooner you are assigned a play and partner. I’ll be approaching these scenes the same way I do when coaching, so there will be personalization, journaling and in-depth inspection directed at creating a WHOLE life – what is hidden is, as important as what is expressed.


 *Due to the limited space, I can only select a certain amount actors. If you would like to be considered for The Submergence Workshop please submit a brief description of yourself and how you would like to evolve as an actor. And 1 Headshot. Email to


Please arrive 15-20 minutes to start are workshop.

Please bring a mat and journal.