Transformative Acting: Archetypes

January 6th - January 10th (2020)

Creating Transformative Characters

with John Markland, in New York City

believe your craft of acting is a means of artistic and personal evolution and catharsis. The process by which you build and then live your character has an innate quality of healing. The method I describe here is an exploration of this healing process. Personalizing and sharing, so that the cathartic effect is offered within the art... the play. I believe we do this as children and then forget how much we helped each other heal through play.

We must have emotional movement or acting becomes still life... stagnant. Molecules have the greatest change in energy when they transform from one state to another boiling, burning, freezing, exploding. When we emotionally transform from one state to another, we resonate with the greatest effect. When this transformation is shared through a character, it pulls us into the story, so we, the audience, are immersed, connected, and rooting for you and... ourselves.

To be free one must be released from influences that do not flow from an authentically original source. The artist wants to be free from the burden of inherited unconscious beliefs, stories and afflictions. Parental inheritance bestows a responsibility to something outside of one self; you are tethered, encumbered or attached to things not necessarily belonging to you or generated from within you. If you are not free then impulses, motivations and intentions do not come from the authentic self. Our actions and choices are produced to please or serve – they are inhibited. This is often why we “feel” one way inside but what we express is something else.

To truly individuate and act with authentic integrity, one must sever, and dissolve inherited unconscious patterns, beliefs and afflictions. We love our parents but to carry the burden of their wounds without having committed the crime is to be wrongfully imprisoned. When you act from an inner source with integrity; fear, self- judgment, critical voice and anxiety evaporate in the light of true self.

We will explore an approach designed to expose the inherited, allowing us to dive into material in a way that can help free the ghosts of our parents within us. You will evolve as a human being and deepen as an artist. In exposing and expressing these traits that we’ve carried, you may feel like you are stepping outside into the most brilliant day and taking the biggest gulp of fresh air you ever have.

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