We, the Moth, cherish the atmosphere of trust, creative collaboration and respect, and accept the following: 
1.   Attendance is mandatory. 
24-hour notice regarding absence is expected. 
Try not to miss more then 1 class per month, it is unfair to the class and your scene partners.
Tardiness without a notification is unacceptable.
2.   All personal experiences and information that is shared in class are private and confidential. 
What is said at Moth stays at Moth.
3.   Rehearsals outside of class are mandatory (minimum of 1 per week) – 24-hour notice for cancellation is expected unless there is an emergency.
4.   Going up on stage is a privilege and requires preparation
-        actors must know their lines
-        actors must have their costume and props
-        actors must rehearse and do the emotional preparation
5.   Actor should not direct another actor. No judging or criticizing.
6.   No food, alcohol or drugs in class.
7.   No phones. No texting, talking or social media during class.