Interpretation and Invention 

Interpretation and Invention Session Ix 

Film & Play Scene Intensive

with John Markland

"Developing a character often entails exposing the layers hiding it deep within."

The 9th Session of Interpretation and Invention will focus on emotional layering. We are told to know what we want. Love is a clear want. But love has many layers. Love to some might come in the form of protection… offering something they have always longed for themselves. Love to others may mean validation... finally being seen where they have always felt invisible. Revenge is a clear want. Revenge to some may mean proving yourself better than that which you were called as a child. Revenge to others may mean hurting oneself to spite the other who offered falsely a love you trusted.

Our wants are pure, but they are always layered. Creating a character of depth entails offering, sharing or exposing those layers under which your own true wants and fears are kept. We will explore this with a very simple technique of applying an “emotional costume” through which you will live your character and then a task to pursue a way out of the “emotional costume”. We may find this costume in your own emotional history or in a habituated pattern you find yourself stuck in. You will discover that the layering of emotions opens up a much larger landscape of intentions, motivations and expressions.

What affects our wants and fears creates an almost seductive tension. You will perform a private moment drawn from an emotional moment from your past or an emotional pattern you are stuck in. We will then apply a task that enables emotional redirection, change, healing and ultimately, will help you grow. Evolve. 

Your scene will go up twice in the first 5 weeks and then a second scene from a private moment for the second 5 weeks. I’ll be approaching these scenes the same way I do when coaching, so there will be personalization, journaling and in-depth inspection directed at creating a WHOLE life – 
what is hidden is as important as what is expressed.



10 weeks on Tuesday nights at 8 pm – 11 pm. *Please bring a mat and journal.
$600. To be paid in full at time of registration. 

The Whitmore-Lindley Theater
11006 Magnolia Blvd.
North Hollywood, Ca 91601


*Space is limited for this class so please register as soon as you know you can commit to the dates. For registration or further information please email