6-Week Intensive

With John Markland & James Oliver


Being in relationship with Love allows for responsiveness were reactivity habitually leads. Begin to navigate love and leave the labyrinth behind.


This 6-week intensive, will explore and uncover the life-long development of your Love sense. Exploring the inherited dynamics of grandparent and parent love. Traveling through childhood love that is mostly dependent in nature, through to teenage love and its exploratory focus to adult love, in which projection, transference and triggers we’ve acquired along our way is reflected back to us.


We will learn techniques that allow you to be in dialogue with your Love sense. Finding a dialogue shifts the Love from the “I” to “other”, aligning it as a fragment of self so a genuine relationship can then develop. This allows one to integrate a more fully understood and appreciated sense of love instead of a partially learned, largely mimic behavior. We will offer exercises that draw you into being present so there is less inner critic dialogue.  We will cultivate a confidence of being Private in Public – vulnerable through love. You’ll gain heightened awareness of old methods; resistance, self-sacrifice, flight, rejection, and fantasy. You will recognize emotions being USED rather than SHARED and be able to adjust. This perspective shift is vital for any actor wanting to dare him or herself from an authentic place.


We will expose the Love-attachments you carry and offer techniques to liberate fixed-beliefs, release historical patterns and open a more uninhibited love sense. There will journaling, Improvisation, State of Play, engaging Flow State and techniques to allay the inner critic.

Be prepared to work.  Be prepared to play.