FILM/TV Masters Class: Emotional States


A new class

with John Markland

november 4th – december 9th

How do I cry on queue? And again, and again and again?

Actors are called upon to deliver highly emotional states, nuanced transformations, revealing vulnerabilities, and any given amount of intimate feelings. They are then asked to repeat, adjust, heighten, repress, louder, quieter, cry, roar, hit this mark, look this way etc. etc. etc. We are called upon like Emotional Gumby’s able to stretch, fold, squeeze, bend but never break.

The time I spend on sets, in workshops, rehearsals and trailers is often in support of the actor cultivating the emotional space and protection needed to deliver on queue. The approaches I will teach in this class have been tested at the highest levels of Film, TV, and Stage and delivered resoundingly.

We will explore how a space must be created for emotion and a suggestion, or invitation, is what allows the authentic feeling to emerge. When you support the emotion with a personal purpose or even a cathartic destination, then you transcend the moment of the character, you are living as one. The repeating and adjustments that may be asked are then not so demanding but more of an opportunity to further your own personal work.

The work will require you learning three scenes from a film – beginning, middle and end. In this we can apply these methods and test them as they would be in film and TV settings. Creating an arch with personal purpose and holding the integrity of that journey, no matter the chronology of how it may be called upon.

The intimate nature of this is rarely understood and if it were, oh, the respect you would be given.

This will be an intensive 6-week class with the expectations of professionalism that come with any film or TV production.
I do ask that you have professional film and or TV experience.

Register early as I will be keep this class small.

The Complex Hollywood 6476 Santa Monica Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90038

Monday Nights at 8pm $600.