master sense class

James Aaron Oliver will lead an intensive 2-hour body, breath and soul-strengthening workout. The connection between our mind and body is essential to the art of life and specifically the craft of acting. Somatics is an area of bodywork focused on heightening the awareness and perception of the body from within.

You may feel yourself in patterns, routines as if there were a program running from which you suddenly feel moments of awakening. We want to guide you into developing the sense and connectivity that allow you to exist in this “state of awakening”. It is from this place that we can live in the moment and then by choice, begin to create a “state of play.” 

1) MEDITATION to engage the breath and body. Overview of class and assignments: ongoing animal work (from animal discovered in meditation), ongoing personalized space work (also from meditation). These will be used and built upon in each class leading to a final exercise of actors’ Animal/Human within the personalized space/private in public exercise.


2) SOUND- element Air. Extensive breathwork. Sound/Air meditation. Experiencing sound as self and then sound as animal- hearing the animal from without and then hearing as animal from within. Sounds associated with your personalized space. 


3) TOUCH - element Earth. Meditation on Touch/Earth. Physical sensations exercise; hot/cold, wet/dry etc. Experiencing touch as self and as animal- touching the animal from without and then touching as the animal.  


4) SMELL - element Fire. Mediation on Smell/Fire. Breath of fire, building chi. Grounding through breath, focusing intention through smell, hunting. Experiencing smell as self and as animal- smelling the animal from without, smelling as the animal. THIRD STAGE HALF ANIMAL HALF HUMAN


5) TASTE - element Water. Meditation on Taste/Water. Stirring the emotions and keeping them fluid between takes. Experiencing taste as self and as animal- taste the animal from without and then taste as the animal. FOURTH STAGE 1/3 ANIMAL 2/3 HUMAN. 


6) SIGHT - element Aether. Meditation on Sight/Aether and instincts, sensing where the camera is for instance. Experiencing sight as self and as animal- see the animal from without and then see as the animal. FOURTH STAGE 1/3 ANIMAL 2/3 HUMAN. 


*ENDOWED PERSONAL OBJECT - building relationships to people places and things through the senses. Object discovered in meditation. Exploration of object with all senses. Witnessing emotions as they come up. Actors re-create their object in front of class. 


*PRIVATE IN PUBLIC - building circumstance through the senses. Meditation on your personalized space. As your Animal/Human engage the space you’ve created. Private moment exercise as your fully fleshed out character in your fully fleshed out personalized space.