Creating Characters from the Wound


Creating from the Wound

with Lynn Adrianna & John Markland

“Character actors are the muses and the metaphors of modern film.”

June 10th– July 29th

I believe your craft of acting is a means of artistic and personal catharsis. The process by which you build and then play your character has an innate quality of healing. The method I describe here is an exploration of this healing process. Personalizing and sharing so that the cathartic effect is offered within the art... the play. I think we do this as children and then forget how much we helped each other heal through play. Enjoy, and I’m sure questions will come.

Creating a character from the wound allows you to manifest the inner prison through physicality, such as Heath Leger’s shortened gait and stiff jaw in Brokeback Mountain. It allows you to express the wounded self-esteem, as in Vincent D’onofrio’s stuttered and hesitant voice in Full Metal Jacket. It allows you to express the historical wounds through behavior as in Meryl Streep’s reflective stares until an emotional snap and bite in August Osage County. Giving voice to those parts that have no words.

Creating characters from the wound allows for the most intimate of artistic expressions.

This class will be simple. A scene. A play or film character. You will create through voice, movement, hair , make-up, costume, behavior and disposition. Then we play .

You will need time in May to rehearse.

Registration Begins April 15th, 2018

8 weeks on Monday nights at 8 pm – 11 pm. $600. *Please bring a mat and journal.

*Space is limited for this class so please register as soon as you know you can commit to the dates. For registration or further information please email