improv class

“Twas the night before pilot season, when all through the town . . .” Make this one different. Give yourself the edge.

 Improvise into Boldness

 TRUST YOUR GUT.                           

 BE IN THE MOMENT.                                       


Improvisation is the heart, the root, the yolk and ultimately the core of acting. We learn and develop our sense of self through improvisation, or as we called it then, “play”. And when at play, we are in the moment, engaged, fully immersed in the world we are creating and most importantly free of judgment. There is no right or wrong. There is no indicating. There is no anticipating. There is imagination. There is impulse and responsiveness. And there is “flow” or “Zen”.

This session is designed to re-connect, strengthen, sculpt and deepen your improvisation ability. Whether we are in the AUDITION room, ON SET, rehearsing or on STAGE we all pray to fall into that place where we are just “living it”. The exercises and games you will be playing through will do just that. You will have a doorway into “living it.” It will free you of self-judgment. It will empower your sense of impulse. It will sharpen your focus and concentration. It will give you a sense of boldness to take risks.

You will learn how to capitalize on mistakes turning them into gifts. You will explore techniques that will bring fun and passion back into the rehearsal process. You will learn how to disappear for your art to appear. You will find a place where your attention and intention are one. You will learn how to surrender to your intuition “gut”. You will find that inspiration is, more often than not, a choice.

Be prepared to work.  Be prepared to play.